HR Solution for Startups

The startup in the country is witnessing an exponential growth. Creating a startup is tough and comes with its own set of challenges for entrepreneurs. Fimosys understands these challenges faced by a startup in setting up a company and adhering to the laws and regulations of the country.

Fimosys has a customized HR Solution for Startups to set-up the key HR processes that include Payroll and Compliance, Attendance & Leave Management, Performance Management, and Travel & Expense Management. Our solution is backed with a technology that aids in access of the right information at the right time for boosting the efficiency of the business to function.

We provide all the support to startups to overcome challenges and we partner with startups to ensure processes are setup across all functions.

HR Solution for Startups
HR Solution for Startups

Why HR Solution for Startups is important?

There are many challenges that startups face that might be decreased with correct HR processes and systems in place. As an example, some believe that the startup boom is also swiftness down, inflicting startups to deal with internal culture issues so as to still thrive. As a lack of proper HR management solutions start-up often suffer from an absence of outlined business processes.  There should be complete HR solution systems in place for managing staff, responding to complaints, compliance related to– ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF, their payroll processing issue within the startup world. When we employees don’t get complete solutions for their HR issues and complaints, their Payroll issues than folks realize themselves change firms usually that’s why HR solution for start ups is important. Typically key staff can leave an organization for one more chance, and also the tiny startup is forced to soak up the losses concerned in hiring and training a replacement.

In developing an HR strategy, startups should prioritize the following:

  • Creating precise written working agreements that detail job responsibilities, compensation information, etc.
  • Developing hiring and onboarding practices and techniques
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Establishing and communicating company goals and values
  • Identifying an internal knowledge sharing platform
  • Assured Compliance – ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers

HR Solution Service Highlights

  1. Incorporation under the Companies Act, 2013
  2. Assured Compliance – ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF, etc
  3. PAN, TAN, VAT, Service Tax, TIN Registration
  4. Shops & Establishment License, Factory License
  5. Registrar of Companies Filing
  6. VAT, Service Tax, Labor Laws filing
  7. Appointment of Company Secretary
  8. Appointment of the First Auditor
  9. Maintenance of Statutory Registers

Advantages of our HR Solution

  • Designing and creating policies
  • Resource hiring – temporary/contractual/on-roll
  • Headcount planning based on functions
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Designing compensation structures
  • Set-up the key HR processes
  • Attendance & Leave Management


We also provide End to End Recruitment for Small Businesses.